Corporate Profile

Anthem’s strategy is to build a group of media brands that target specific communities of interest. The seven main criteria applied include:

• clear brand
• targeted audience
• natural endemic and mainstream advertiser base
• live, fresh, unique or original content
• passionate community that loves and lives the content
• multi platform and globally relevance

Founded by Leonard Asper

Anthem’s current portfolio includes:

  • Fight Network, a combat sports specialty network, with over 3 million subscribers in 32 countries, in addition to its global presence on digital platforms.
  • Pursuit Channel, significant ownership stake in this outdoor hunting and fishing specialty television network, with 38 million subscribers in the U.S
  • FNTSY Sports Network, the world’s first TV network devoted entirely to fantasy sports content.
  • Edge Sport, an extreme sports channel in partnership with IMG
  • MAVTV Canada, an agreement to launch it’s motor sports brand in Canada


Anthem Sports & Entertainment’s mission is to build media brands that can live on multiple platforms reaching a global community.  While doing that, we aim to:

  • Provide a great life and work experience for our employees.
  • Give our customers an engaging and stimulating way to enjoy their passions.
  • Reward our shareholders with a superior return on their investment.


Anthem Sports & Entertainment believes that business is a holistic endeavour in which success breeds the responsibility to support one’s community.

Wherever Anthem Media Group does business, we consider the entire community to be part of our family, and that means we take an interest in all members’ well-being and quality of life.

Our first project has been Dare to Defend, an initiative providing empowerment and self-esteem to victims of abuse and the affected members of their families through self-defense and motivational seminars targeted to women, by women.


Integrity is a given. We align our actions with our words and deliver what we promise. We build and strengthen our reputation through trust. We do not improperly influence others or let them improperly influence us. We behave in an open and honest manner. Our reputation reflects the ethical conduct of the people who work here.


Excellence includes a passion for people, product and service. We set and achieve ambitious goals. We take pride in what we do and what we make possible. We are determined to serve our customers through originality, continuous improvement, an intense focus on their needs and a dedication to meeting those needs with a sense of urgency and accountability.


Teamwork is mandatory to compete in today’s marketplace. When we empower the diverse talents of our employees, customers, distributors and suppliers, we can accomplish anything. The diverse thinking and decision-making of our team strengthens our company. We know that by working together, we can produce better results than any one of us can achieve alone.


Commitment is something we promise to our staff, our customers and to all of our stakeholders, including the community around us. We commit to effort, tenacity and the relentless pursuit of our objectives. At the same time we commit to our community, including those less fortunate than ourselves, earning their support and giving them the same in return.


Leadership drives our innovating and cooperative spirit. We decide, we commit and we succeed. We anticipate where the market is going and we get there first. We lead by example and we never waver in the face of obstacles, doubts or fear of the unknown.


Respect includes self-respect, but more importantly means respect for others, regardless of their position. Even when we disagree, we do so in a respectful manner. This also means that when we win, we do so with humility, so others will want us to win again.